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Dianne Gavin

White Branch

Ko Tarawera te Maunga

Ko Tarawera me te Awa ō te atua nga Awa 

Ko Rangitihi te Marae 

Ko Rangohia te Whare Tupuna 

Ko Tangihia te Hapu 

Ko Rangitihi te Whanau 

Te Whare Poipoia


... I introduce a space... under the Awhi or TIA where we explore/wananga etc how we can/are able to build solid foundations of Aroha and Manaakitanga with strong intent to integrate/include/approach/move through/enjoy/ engage in [choose, add, replace with, insert words that speak to here] into our business, community, workshops...

as I strongly believe that it is from Aroha and Manaakitanga that growth will flourish. a safe haven...intertwined with intent.

Businesses, community, workshops, teaching, students, marae, motherhood, building lasting relationships, creating the foundation within any space is done with intent and I strongly believe Aroha and Manaakitanga ( love in its widest sense) to be the stability of growth. A safe haven of space intertwined with intent.  

Tropical Leaves
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